Ski info.


Every night 8 snow groomers are working only for you, as to give you the optimal ski conditions for the following day. We want to provide you daily with the best ski conditions. We ask for your understanding at new snow, because it is not always possible to simultaneously prepare all the runs - even when special equipment for run maintenance works at full capacity.

Please note, at new snow there is no guarantee that the runs will be superbly prepared as the new snow is not connecting well to the existing substrate.


Installation Type Capacity (skiers/h) Working hours Functioning
Tjubing 08:00 - 15:30
Bob na šinama Bob na šinama 09:00 - 16:00
Zipline Zipline 09:00 - 16:00
Pančićev vrh - Zlatiborac Četvorosed 2400 09:00 - 16:00
Tornik Šestosed 3000 9:00 - 16:00
Tjubing 9:00 - 16:00
Bob na šinama Bob na šinama 9:00 - 16:00
Jabučko ravnište Gondola 1222 09:00 - 16:30

Ski runs

easy medium difficult
Ski run Marking Difficulty Passabilty
Sunčana dolina 1
Sunčana dolina 1a
Sunčana dolina 1c
Sunčana dolina 1b
Malo jezero 2
Pančićev vrh 4
Pančićev vrh 4a
Pančićev vrh 4b
Pančićev vrh 4c
Pančićev vrh 4d
Krst 3
Krst 3a
Duboka 1 6
Duboka 1 6a
Karaman greben 7
Karaman greben 7a
Mali karaman 8
Mali karaman 8a
Marine vode 9
Marine vode 9a
Karaman 10
Jaram 11
Gobelja relej 12
Gobelja relej 12a
Gobelja 13
Gobelja 13a
Gobelja 13b
Gobelja 13c
Gobelja 13d
Gobelja 13e
Gobelja div. staza
Kneževske bare 14
Bela reka I 15
Bela reka II 16
Ledenice 18
Gvozdac 19
Krčmar 21
Mašinac 22
Staza za nordijsko skijanje
Tornik 2a
Čigota 1
Zmajevac 2
Krnevo plandište 1a
Krnevo plandište 1b
Staza za nordijsko skijanje
Konjarnik 1
Konjarnik 1a
Sunčana dolina 2
Dečiji park
Babin zub 5
Babin zub 5a
Jabučko ravnište 7
Jabučko ravnište 7a
Jabučko ravnište 7b

Ski roads

easy medium difficult
Ski road Difficulty Passable
Bačište – Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero – Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero – Krst
Krst 3a – Krst 3
Krst izlaz – 4c
Krst izlaz – Malo jezero
Mašinac – Karaman greben
Karaman greben – Pajino preslo
Pajino preslo – Karaman greben
Crvena Duboka – Pajino preslo
Pajino preslo – Duboka crvena
Karaman greben – Mali karaman
Mali karaman - Karaman greben
Gobelja relej – Jaram
Marine vode – Mali Karaman
Gobelja relej – Gobelja
Marine vode – Karaman
Jaram – Gobelja relej
Mali Karaman - Marine vode
Karaman - Vučak 1
Karaman – Vučak 2
Karaman – Gvozdac
Gvozdac – Bela reka II
Gvozdac – Ledenice
Bela reka II – Ledenice
Bela reka II – Kneževe bare
Kneževske bare – Duboka 1
Krst izlaz – Sunčana dolina
Duboka 2 – Kneževe bare
Krčmar – Duboka 1
Ribnički put
Vezni put Bandera
Vezni put Tornik
Ski put 2
Ski put 5
Ski put 6
Ski put 7

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